COVID-19: Student Opinion

This afternoon the Santa Clara County Public Health announced that many schools in the area will be closed for the next three weeks due to COVID-19. Classrooms this week have received hand sanitizers from the district and the bathrooms are never short on soap. Many students are celebrating, planning to go out during the “break” but school may extend into the summer. All sports, clubs, and any school related activities/ gatherings have been canceled and or postponed. Personally I am happy about this because who doesn’t want a break, but possibly having to stay during summer is not something to celebrate. I was not rooting for them to close schools because there would be so many changes, and it would affect so much for the rest of the school year. I also feel that there was more need to close school during the wildfires last school year than the current state of the Coronavirus because there are not any cases at the school or any neighboring school, while the fires affected everyone.