Senior Night

Seniors celebrate their hard work

As this year’s fall sports play their final games many senior night activities are rapidly approaching at Abraham Lincoln High school. Senior night takes place at or after each sports’ last home game. Grades 9th-11th plan posters, gifts, etc., for the seniors on their teams as this event commemorates the conclusion of their sports season along with the ending of an era before graduation. 

October 5th, 2021 was the night of Lincoln’s largest senior night with cheer, football, Xochitl, and both of the school’s dance teams being honored. Seniors from every team made their way across the football field as they were given a poster with their names on it and additional treats given to them by team and family members.

As a current senior on Lincoln’s Convertibles I was able to experience senior night first hand. Being acknowledged by those on my team was a truly unique affair and although I was filled with anxiety as I stood on the field I was also overwhelmed with sadness knowing that night would be the ending of an era. Despite the privilege of being able to compete with my team for the rest of the school year I still couldn’t help but feel like this was the closing of a very important chapter. 

I am comforted in the fact that I am not alone in this feeling as my fellow seniors have expressed feeling the same way. Many of the seniors made small speeches right before the halftime performance and many tears were shed both before and after the team went on. 

Emotions were high among many people that night and this includes this year’s Convertibles’ captain, Senior Eva Horovitz. As a member of Convertibles for the last four years she went from planning the senior nights of her teammates to experiencing her own. 

“I’ve been a part of planning gifts for our seniors since my freshman year on (the) team” said Horovitz. “My senior night experience was really special and a little bittersweet.”