Student Body Elections

The student body of the 2017-18 school year announced and a few words from them.


(Nancy Estrella / Lincoln Lion Tales)

The election results are final. Students began campaigning in the beginning of May. Posters were placed across campus and social media posts were made to promote candidates.

In order to apply to the position, students needed to fill out an informative packet, get 50 signatures from students in their grade level, and attend a meeting with current presidents.

The campaigning process was explained by Kaitlyn Scadina, the incoming senior class president. She said, “You have to get everything you would like to put up approved and it has to be like positive, and you can’t give out “bribes” like buttons or cupcakes.” The new senior class president also said, “It’s really an honor to know that people actually wanted me to help make our senior year awesome!”

Incoming Junior class president Ellie Guentert said, “One thing I’m planning on doing is having our junior class have more meetings so we can have more student voices and so I can take opinions from the junior class and pass them onto the ASB during our weekly meetings.”

Incoming sophomore class president Christopher Gomez said, “I will make us organized to make sure everyone knows what’s going on, big bone float be a successful float, make our class known and show the school what we’re about.”

Incoming ASB president Miyu Nakajima said, “ASB is the leadership class, the voice of Lincoln, we do rallies and bring spirit. We provide ways to help the student body. As ASB president there will be more rallies and more fun events so that students can feel a part of the school.”

To better understand the responsibilities of the elected officials, the class presidents’ agenda is only for their particular class and the ASB elected officials are responsible for decisions for the entire school.

On May 15th during 6th period, Mr. Hewitson announced the results.

Here are the results:

Senior Class President- Kaitlyn Scadina

Senior Class Vice President- Nhat Doan

Junior Class President- Ellie Guentert

Junior Class Vice President- Jeffrey Schmelzer

Sophomore Class President- Christopher Gomez

Sophomore Class Vice President- Savannah Medina

ASB President- Miyu Nakajima

ASB Vice President- Ginger Luebcke

ASB Secretary- Meghan Schroder

ASB Treasurer- Rachel Rivera