Girls Tennis 2018-2019: Ins and Outs

Abraham Lincoln High Schools Girls Tennis team has played six games so far in the school year of 2018-2019. Although they have not won a game yet, they are playing in a more competitive division this year, the Santa Teresa Division.

The team’s schedule for their events this school year.

The coach, Tariq Abdul-Wahad, says, “Even though we struggle in [this] division, a cool fact is about our team is that we won the West Valley Division two out of the last four years.”

New tennis player, Khanh-Linh Thai, told Lincoln Lion Tales that the tennis team is awesome and supportive. She says, “It’s been really fun learning about all the ins and outs because the team and our coach, Tariq, are wonderful people.” She highly recommends tennis to everyone.


The 2018-2019 team players list of Lincoln’s Girls Tennis team.

The girls of the team posing for their picture. Top Row (left to right): Angelica Angeles, Dajana Vareskic, Olivia Massey, Laia Maimone. Middle Row (left to right): Krystal Hui, Ruting Hung, Linh Thai, Katelyn Hout, Sheila Morales. Bottom Row (left to right): Sherry Te, Lizbeth Hernandez, Miravel Riojas, Katie Hui. (Andrea Herrera/ Lincoln Lion Tales)