Your guide to Giants’ Baseball

Are you interested in going to a Giants’ game? Read on!


Going to a Giants game? Below is a list of the seating at Oracle park, what food options are located inside the park, the best ways of transportation to the park and things to do to kill time before or after a game.

Oracle Park Seating

If you’re interested in a Giants game there can be tons of things to see. Starting off with just Oracle Park itself.  Oracle Park’s history includes its 22nd birthday coming up on April 11. With its capacity of 41,915 and an abundance of good views from all around the stadium. 

The best seats in the stadium depend on your accommodations.There’s 10 sections of seats for you to pick from. If you’re bringing kids a great seat option is field seats or first row seats so you can get a great view without having other guests block you.

Another option for larger sold out games is the option to buy a standing ticket. That means that you aren’t assigned but can roam the park and watch the game.

Another option is the view seats which account for 300 level sections which have beautiful views of Oracle Parks surroundings. For those looking for shaded seating there aren’t many sections but one section is on level 100 or the first base sections.


Hungry? At Oracle there are tons of cuisines to choose from, such as Mexican which Oracle offers burritos to bowls to amazing fresh tacos. Other foods include garlic fries ,burgers, poke bowls, and lots of desserts. Many fans love the crazy crab sandwich because of its decadent crab between two yummy pieces of sourdough.

Another very famous oracle park food is the Ghirardelli Sundae. The Ghirardelli Sundae includes homemade vanilla ice cream with hot drudge, almonds and a cherry on top. There’s even vegetarian options such as veggie burgers.

Payments cannot be made through cash to minimize lines only electronic pay is accepted. For those with only cash there’s a cash to Visa program located in the park. That means you can put cash in for a Visa card to use to buy food.


As for getting to Oracle Park, the means of transportation include parking, walking, trains, or even taking a ferry. For parking there are garages around Oracle Park which can cost up  to $30 – $40. Parking must be reserved ahead of time for lot parking.

Public transit is also a great alternative option which includes BART, Muni Metro, and Cal-Train. These run from as south as Gilroy to San Francisco.

Before And After

Oracle Park isn’t just for baseball games. Fun things to do at Oracle could be their full edible garden they have open during their games. Food is available if you’re craving smoothies, salads or pizza. 

Another possible idea could be to see the sculpture of a cupid’s bow located at golden gate park.

Oracle Park also has the giant Coca Cola slide which is located on the Eastern side of the park.