Lions Roar to Victory Against Leland

Lions come out victorious on the first game of the 2018-2019 school year!


Lions vs Leland September 21, 2018. Lincoln won the game 48-28. (Anastasia Cervantes / Lincoln Lion Tales)

On September 21 was the first home game of the 2018-2019 school year. The Lions went head to head with Leland high school, some people called it the North-South rivalry.

The JV game stated at 4. Our JV Lions beat the Leland Chargers 16-7.

The Varsity game started at 7. The team was lead out by the Lion Pride Band.

The half time score was 28-7, with the Lions in the lead. At the half,  LPC, the cheerleaders, and Convertibles performed.

Half time score 28-7 for the Varsity game against Leland. Lincoln won the game 48-28. (Anastasia Cervantes / Lincoln Lion Tales)

The final score for our Varsity Lions was 48-28. Good job to Alejandro Martinez-loera, Gabe Florez Isaac Juarez, and Markus Hernandez for some amazing highlights in the game.


Come out to our next home game this Friday September, 28 at Lincoln High school!! Hope to see you there!!!!