What is SkillsUSA?


SkillsUSA is national organization which partners with schools from middle school to college. It develops students that are wanting to go in trades or technical trade jobs. SkillsUSA creates relationship between students, teachers and industry partners to ensure that the future of America will have a skilled workforce. It also pushes each and every student to excel in their classes by teaching them different techniques to succeed.

It also offers a plethora of opportunities for students to study and practice the work skills that they learn in their CTE classes. Skills USA is built around the “framework”, which is considered to be the blueprint to be ready for your future. The schools in Skills USA are considered to be chapters and they inform the students about state and national conferences. During these conferences they talk about the Skillsusa championships where thousands of students compete in competitions that will prepare them for industry standards. Also, skillsUSA is recognized by the US department of education as a successful model for youth training and development.

Having the unique opportunity in attending the SkillsUSA conference in Washington DC and represent California has made me take a different view on education. Being able to meet students who are passionate for what they do and being in a thriving environment motivated me to set academic goals.

Omar, one of the participants from Lincoln stated:It taught me how to be a better leader, communicator and be professional. I had the opportunity to meet my representatives and advocate for what I believed. My favorite part was getting a monument tour, because I was finally able to see the monuments in person for the first time; rather than seeing them from a textbook! Additionally, I had the opportunity to travel for the first time outside of California! It was an unforgettable experience in which I learned a lot! I highly recommend for others to give a shot; they will always make the best memories at SkillsUSA!