CNN The closure of government: Causes

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 The house of  Representatives of the United States approved a law about expenses that includes 5 million dollars for president Donald Trump’s border wall. Now the bill is directed to the Senate, where it is expected to die upon arrival due to opposition to the money for Trump’s project.

The funds for some parts of the government run out at midnight this Friday.

What happens if the government closes?

This closure will be limited in scope. The Congress has already financed around 75% of the federal government until September 2019, including the Pentagon.

Trump invited the Republic senators to a meeting at the White House at 10:30 ET.It is expected that the leader of the majority in the senate, Mitch McConnell schedules a vote Friday to start the debate about what was approved in the House of Representatives, which includes 5 million dollars for the border wall. To start the debate, McConnell needs 50 senators to vote to advance in the media. But the republican party and some democrats are skeptical that they’ll get 50 votes, in part, due to the absences and frustration for the way the president has been behaving in this episode. If McConnell participates in the law projects, he would need 60 votes to break a democratic filibuster. That meant he would need at least that nine democrats voted for that, what will not happen.

In that moment, or the two cameras negotiate a compromise with the White House or the House will have to approve what the Senate approved Wednesday night, that does not have 5.000 million for the border wall, and send it to Trump to sign it. .

Otherwise, a partial closure will occur.