CCS for Track & Field Team?

On Thursday, March 7th, Lincoln’s Track and Field team had a practice meet. During the meet, many people were improving on their long-distance jumps and overall running skills. Being that this was a home meet, Lincoln stayed while another team came to compete. One such team that also attended the meet was Pioneer’s Track and Field team. Although both teams were practicing most of the meet, they were also competing against each other as well. As usual, both teams ran a timed mile and performed some various distance runs too. Although both teams got their fair share of wins and losses respectively, Pioneer however, ended up winning the meet.

The next home meet that Lincoln had was on Thursday, March 14th. The next team that Lincoln was competing against was Prospect High School’s track and field team. Once again, both teams were practicing and competing against each other respectively. Besides from doing the usual track and field stuff, the teams also performed long jumps as well. However, unlike last time, Lincoln did in fact end up winning the meet overall. This meet was the second meet of the Spring season.

The next home meet that Lincoln had was on Thursday, March 28th. The team that Lincoln was competing against was Oak Grove High School’s track and field team. Both teams were competing in certain activities related to the sport, such as: performing long jumps, running over hurdles, running miles, and etc. Luckily, Lincoln won the meet.

A journalist from Lincoln Lions Tales went to interview a runner from Lincoln’s track and field team, this is what he had to say. Zachary Plecque, a sophomore, from Lincoln’s Varsity team, had this to say when being interviewed about the team. When asked on what he thought of the team’s current performance, he said, “I think we’re pretty good and we’re decently balanced, but then again, last year’s seniors were also like a main part of our group. But, I feel like once the seniors of this year leave, then our team is going to go down a little bit because of how good we have many of them.” Zachary also expressed that he was very doubtful that the team would be able to make it to CCS.)

Zachary posing for interview picture (Robert/ Lion Tales 2019)

Another student that was interviewed was, Omar Pina, a senior, who is very well-known on the team. When asked of what he personally thought of the team’s performance, he said, “As a team we all bond very well and it’s pretty cool how we support each other, so like when we’re running, we hype each other up and we all do the best we can.”

Omar also expressed how he felt like his overall performance has improved, he said, “Yeah, my performance has slowly improved, little by little, I’ve been dropping my times down and have been qualifying for big races like Stanford and Douglas.”

Just like Zachary, Omar was also a bit skeptical that the team would be able to make it to CCS, when he said, “The team as a whole? No, but we have many individuals that are capable of going to CCS, for sure.”