A Sizzling Back To School Dance!


Lincoln students busting a move on the dance floor! While enjoying the music being played at the dance. August 16, 2019 at the Lincoln Gym. (Andrea Saldana/Lion Tales)

With the first couple days of school completed, leadership hosted a free “Back To School Dance” to welcome everyone back from summer vacation. The gym was filled with balloons, posters for every class, funky lights, and even a photo booth. Students came in with spirit wearing their class colors, even though less than 200 students attended the dance, that didn’t stop anyone from having a good time. 

Thanks to DJ Arnie, he was able to get everyone moving with his sick beats, he played some popular songs and some throwback songs that got everyone’s nostalgia pumping. Not to mention, there was even a mosh pit for everyone’s favorite song: “That’s What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction.

The night of the dance was 95 degrees, making the gym feel like an oven. Water was of course offered and could be purchased for a dollar and there were plenty of fans to fight off the heat so the party goers can keep on partying.

When asked about the dance, Emilia Kendrick, a senior, said “It was a fun way to get out of my comfort zone and to also have fun with my friends.” Kevin Gonzalez, a senior, said “The dance was super fun and had chill vibes, but mostly hot.” Avianna Davis, a senior, said “It was very hot, but it was fun! It was cool seeing the turnout of freshmen and the mix of upperclassmen that showed up.” Lucinda Wolcott, a junior, said “The dance was very well planned and was very popular. Ms. Phillips and the leadership team did a fantastic job!” Amber LaFranboise, a junior, said “It was a fun experience that I was able to have with close friends and I thought it was a great way to kick off the school year!” Aklile Tesfaye, a senior, said “It was a great way to end the first week of school.” Selma Korkic, a senior, said “The dance didn’t have very many people there, but I still had a lot of fun with my group!” Bianca Aguilar, a senior, said “I never thought that I would end up at the dance but hey, it was an amazing time. I got to spend it with my best friends.” Jacob Lopez, a senior, said “The dance was a great way to chill with old friends and get to have fun at the beginning of school. I really like Lincoln.”

Other than that, leadership hosted a great dance, and it was definitely a great way to begin the new school year.