Leadership, Lincoln’s Future


As the new school year begins, Leadership class is up and running again and planning several events that the student body can anticipate the arrival of. Most members, newcomers and returners alike, are equally excited and ready to bring their positive energy to Lincoln. ASB president and senior Reuel Yang hopes to focus on an inclusive environment this year and on mental health issues. Leadership will be hosting several fundraisers, and if any student is interested in hosting one themselves, Leadership will definitely help promote it. 

Class elections banner made by Leadership class in 2019.

This year, Leadership has three new freshmen members. Matteo Parodi, a freshman, says that despite only being the beginning of the year, he feels that leadership has helped him transition from middle school to high school. Matteo was nervous to MC the Back to School rally. At first he did not want to, but by the time of the rally, Matteo says, “I was super comfortable and almost used to it.” Our senior president Reuel also agrees, “I moved here my sophomore year,” he says, “Being part of Leadership made me more engaged and participating in school activities makes me feel more like I’m a part of the school, you know?”

Many Leadership students have had past experiences in their middle or elementary schools. When asked why they signed up for Leadership, year after year, Christopher Gomez, a senior who has been attending Leadership all four years says, “I just like being reliable. For the past years, I’ve been either the class president of the vice president.” 

“For me personally,” Andrea Regla-Gonzalez, a senior who has also been in Leadership for four years, says, “I like getting involved. I wanted to show people that Leadership is so much more than making posters. You get to bond with other students in the elective, and you can make a change in the school.” 



One of the biggest events leadership has organized is Prom! According to Leadership president Reuel Yang says, “the prom venue we’ve decided on is the Levi’s stadium.” Though there is currently no theme for the event,  Leadership class seems to be very excited for it.

One example of this would be from the Leadership teacher herself, Mrs. Phillips, “It’s really pretty, I think it’s gonna be super fun, I’m super excited about it.” The dance is expected to be held on May 16th, but there is a very slight chance that may change. “It’s possible that our date could have to be switched to a different day, but that’s very unlikely” stated Mrs. Phillips. With a capacity up to 1,000 people there should be more than enough room for upperclassmen to dance, eat, and take some pretty amazing pictures commemorating the night. 

March Madness

In other news, prom isn’t the only event leadership has started planning. When asked what event she thought the student body would most look forward to, Joan told us “March Madness”. For those who don’t know, March Madness is an event where each class grade goes up against each other in a sporting event and some teachers even  join in on the fun.

Last year, the game played was dodgeball, but according to Amber, “We were thinking of changing it to a different sport, so we could incorporate more teachers and other people.” With March Madness, Prom, rallies, and other upcoming events, leadership is sure to have their hands full this year.  

It seems this years ASB leaders are driven to share and take action on the new and bright ideas that have been brought to the table. The student body has a lot in store for it  

With hope entrusted within her students, Mrs. Kelly Phillips, the Leadership Advisor, is confident that the class will be able to make this school year positive and engaging. “I don’t really have to worry too much about the students, as far as their leadership skills go,” Mrs. Phillips said, “All of them, even the ones that are new, have shown great leadership skills.” In fact, Leadership have several major events planned for this year.