Math Teacher Leaves, But Why?


Ms. Doan’s sidewall in her classroom with her picture on it. (Natalie Sierra/Lion Tales)

On September 27, 2019, approximately 150 Lincoln students and their families were informed that their schedules would be changed due to the new math teacher, Ms. Doan, who suddenly left the Lincoln administration. This change has affected the lives of students as well as teachers, and many found themselves questioning why she had left so abruptly. 

During an interview with Lincoln Principal, Matthew Hewitson, shared information regarding the missing teacher situation. Ms. Doan was asked to take a math proficiency test in order to be able to teach at Lincoln for the upcoming school year. Though Lincoln administration had hoped she would be able to stay, they knew her chances of teaching at Lincoln for the entirety of the year were slim. “She had to take a test…and one you normally have a year to study for, however she only had three weeks,” Mr. Hewitson says, “She kinda knew from the get-go it wasn’t going to happen, we knew, too.” 

Laiyla Santillan
Lincoln principle Mathew Hewitson standing in front of his office.

Due to the foreseen departure of Ms. Doan, the administration “…built her classes knowing that [they] might lose her,” Mr. Hewitson said, “Her classes were kinda small and we had already set aside room in all the other classes that kids would move into because we knew it might happen.” 

Though disappointed that she had to leave this school year early, this may not be the last time we see Ms. Doan.“If she can pass those tests by the end of the year we would definitely try to bring her back next year,” said Mr. Hewitson, hopeful for her return for the 2020 school year. 

Lincoln Lion Tales reached out to Mr. Doan via email for comments on this story, but no response has been received by the time of publication.