Two of Lincoln’s very own young artists will be taking part in a global mural and arts festival known as: “POW! WOW!” Each year, 10-30 artists are chosen to paint a mural in their city and this year students Rista White (sophomore) and Kylee Dougherty (Junior) have been asked to participate. 

Artist, Rista White, standing outside room 52 at Lincoln High School

Both girls are very grateful for this opportunity saying it was due to their art teachers at the Arsenal in Japantown recommending them for this event. “We’re really lucky to have been a part of it. It’s still really surreal to be with these other artists,” said Rista, the youngest artist to ever participate in this event. “We’re so excited and we get to meet a lot of really cool people which is awesome” said Kylee. 

The artists who participate in “POW! WOW!” Only have a week to paint and install their pieces. Rista’s art piece  and Kylee’s art piece are going to be on canvas and put up in Japantown on the corner of Jackson and 5th on Sunday, October 27th. Their pieces will be seen by many on the Mural Bike Ride event taking place the same day. You can find this event at 6293 San Ignacio Ave from 11am to 1:30pm. 

“It’s been really, really fun and we had fun working large,” Rista says, in anticipation for the upcoming event. With only a week to prepare, these young artists have done some very talented work and are overjoyed for its debut.