Mystery Solved! How Did Lion Tales Get Its Name?


Edgar Uribe

All 11 piece of newspaper that we received. (Edgar Uribe/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

During the summer of 2019, Lion Tales received 6 articles ranging from several years back. Some articles range back to 1942, the year Lincoln High School was established. These articles were sent to us by a former Lincoln High School student from the class of 1975.

Her name is Margaret (Peggy Kustel) Daulton, we reached out to different Lincoln organizations such as the Lincoln Foundation which has a committee of former Lincoln Students in hopes of getting connected with Margaret to try and gather more information about her and how she was able to collect and store editions of Lion Tales from the World War II era. Unfortunately, no contact information was left with the articles, and we haven’t been able to connect.

Overall, the articles she donated are in fairly good shape, which was surprising for how old some of these articles are. The oldest article we revived was published October 9, 1942, which was the second paper that was printed for the Lincoln Post. This copy of the paper was still all intact with no major rips around the corners and only some minor tears where the paper was originally folded.

During this era of Lincoln in the early 1940s, the newspaper was given the name “Lincoln Post,” but was later changed to, as we all know it now, “Lincoln Lion Tales.” The name “Lincoln Post” was submitted by a student and then later voted on by 7 judges and approved. But, later in 1942, the name was changed to “Lion Tales” after a majority vote where of 369 students in their social studies class, 233 voted for “Lion Tales,” and 136 voted “Lincoln Log.” Meaning that one third of the school wanted it to be named “Lion Tales” since there was only about 544 students enrolled.  The Lincoln Lion Tales also published holiday specials for example, the 1957 issue we received was printed in a paper with a green tint and was vertical instead of horizontal,  for the Christmas special. 

Lincoln Post, Vol.1 #2 Friday, October 9, 1942. This is the second newspaper published by the Lincoln Post when the school was opened but still under construction in some areas.  (Edgar Uribe / Lincoln Lion Tales)


Lincoln Post, Vol.1 #3 Friday, October 16,1942. During World War 2 when many goods were being rationed and scrap metal was being collected all over for the war. (Edgar Uribe/ Lincoln Lion Tales)

To contribute to the war, Lincoln held salvage drives where students would bring scrap metal from home and donate it to the school. They would after sell it to scrap yards and metal companies in the area. Some students would also work in the fields helping farmers harvest crops since many workers were fighting in the war.


Lincoln Lion Tales, Vol.1 Friday, October 9, 1942. Start of Lincoln High School’s sports program. (Edgar Uribe/ Lincoln Lion Tales)


Lincoln Lion Tales, Vol.6 #32 Friday, December 20, 1957. Christmas Special (Edgar Uribe/ Lincoln Lion Tales)


Lincoln Post Vol.1 #3, October 16,1942. Start of the ALHS v.s. SJH rivalry. (Edgar Uribe/ Lincoln Lion Tales)


Thank You to Margaret (Peggy Kustel) Daulton for providing us with these archives of our news paper. We would also appreciate if you send us a comment Margaret. Thank You one again.