Have you heard about the new virus in the town?

Have you heard about the new virus in the town?

Wuhan, a city that is located in the middle of China is known to have a population of 11 million people. There was a recent disease detected called Coronavirus, which was reported official to the World Health Organization on December 31st. Since it is a newly found virus, there are no cures. This deadly outbreak infected at least 28,000 including 565 deaths and is negatively affecting everyone living in China. Coronavirus was believed to have been transmitted from an animal to a human, but many new theories are arising. 

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention has provided some of the common symptoms of the human Coronavirus, they include a cough, runny nose, headaches, sore throat, and fever. In rare cases some people would also experience pneumonia. In Wuhan, the spread of this disease has become a serious issue that has led to civilians taking precautions. To prevent the disease they wear masks at all times while out in the public. Transportation lockdowns have occurred to prevent a massive outbreak and the airport is temporarily closed unless special circumstances. Coronavirus has known to have a similarity with the past influenza, because both of those diseases have spread with direct or indirect contact. The fear has grown even bigger with how large this virus has gotten with this new country epidemic.

There are 12 states in the United States where the virus was confirmed. One of the cases taking place in the Santa Clara County, was based on a woman who kept her identity unknown but contracted this virus after she came back from a visit to Wuhan. This was the second case that occurred in the the County, for this reason she could not leave her home and neither could her family. The most recent case was detected on February 5th, and happened in Madison, Wisconsin. She went to the emergency department for her symptoms and was later diagnosed. The health care workers who took care of her are now being observed for any symptoms of their own. Some of the cases have been claimed to be false, a few of them came from social media when people began to post images of what they believed was the deadly virus. On twitter, a post by Lijian Zhao was explaining the first built Coronavirus hospital that was specifically for patients who were diagnosed, which in reality turned out to be just a picture of apartment buildings.

The only solution to this outbreak is for pharmaceutical companies to invent a vaccine. They assumed this process wouldn’t take very long but now, they are uncertain how long it will take to research one. A big concern is researchers need to comprehend a virus that can cause a disease. The research experts have a plan of meeting on February 11-12 to start their research in creating  Coronavirus drugs, vaccines, and clear diagnostics.

There are currently 12 patients hospitalized that contracted the Coronavirus in the U.S. It has been announced that one of those patients was let out and is currently receiving treatment at home and is currently doing well.

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U.S. map showing areas of Coronavirus cases. (Tania Cortes/Lion Tales)