corona virus shuts down school for 3 weeks

My dad is mortified he will become very sick from the corona virus. I now as well fear the sickness because everyone is freaking out. I think the world’s paranoid about how fatal the virus is. Among the death rates, I’m not really concerned until  I’m anticipating how the outcome led to this protocol of security. Corona virus impacted every country globally. It’s an unfortunate resolution the Santa Clara county operated to refer towards a temporary 3 weeks school shut down. All current scheduled sport events, canceled. The AP exam, and other school related activities are to be postponed. Many sports in general nationwide are canceled and a temporary school shut down will cause a drastic amount of postponements. An obscure future lies ahead, what next step to cure this new occurring disease. A downside for people aged 60 and up or a weak immune system. A crisis entailed to countries rendering under quarantine will also cause social distancing..