Opinion COVID-19

Today Friday the 13th the world we are scared. I feel like for the youth this is just something that will blow over, something that will not effect them at all. For the rest of the population like the adults they are scared because of not what will happen to them but what will happen to the other people their parents and the mothers are scared for their children. I am scared because I do have old people around me and young people to so I realize that they might die so that is why I am scared. On the other hand the young in me thinks that this is great I don’t have to go to school nor do I have to worry about anything that school has to offer and also flights are cheap now that a great thing but international flying would not be such a good idea. The bad thing is for the people that have young kids and work because now since school is out across Santa Clara County one of the biggest counties by land and population is out what will we do since people don’t want to get near anyone. All in all though I believe this is something to be worried about.