Reaction Towards Coronavirus Epidemic

This following March 13, 2020 my entire school was informed by our principal that the whole Santa Clara County would cancel schools for three weeks including ours with no assignments given to the students. This quarantine was declared to help the health department. I know some students were very enthusiastic while hearing this announcement while others felt very angry and sad. My personal reaction in the past about this was happiness because knowing we would get a school break could relax us and prevent the Coronavirus from spreading massively but reality hit me when there is a big possibility summer could be extended to make up all the work for it.

It brought my whole mood down because everything has got out of control and I do not want that to get worse especially knowing I have adults in my life. My friends and I were recently discussing in lunch how some student conflicts could have would be future summer jobs, vacations that had been planned, and especially affect people going to school in another state/country. I felt a sad emotion knowing how graduation could get postponed and walking the stage is so meaningful to many seniors including me. I just truly want this virus to have an end or at least be controlled to a point where nobody stresses themselves and we could finally consider anything we do could be considered  “safe”, but I also think in order for this happen people should keep putting the effort in being sanitary.