Look up “Don’t Look Up” for a deep and funny viewing experience


The cast of “Don’t Look Up”.

The critically acclaimed movie, “Don’t Look Up”, directed by Adam Mckay, is based on the horrific effect of climate change, and done so in a humorous manner. The movie featuring Oscar award winners Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence, is satirizing climate change by comparing society’s lack of concern about it to their lack of concern about a huge comet heading towards Earth that would completely destroy it. “Don’t look up” is a troubling look at what the world may become soon if people continue to be brainwashed by social media and have a lack of concern for our planet.

The movie focuses on three main characters,  Dr. Mindy, played by Leonardo DiCaprio who is an astrologist and professor at Michigan State University, Kate Dibiasky, played by Jennifer Lawerence, who is a PhD candidate, and finally, Dr. Teddy Oglethorpe, played by Rob Morgan, who is the head of the Planetary Defence Coordination Office. Ms. Dibiasky first discovers the comet that is expected to be an extinction level event and is then named after her. However throughout the movie Dr. Mindy has totally lost himself in the wealthy life which later on leads him to lose both his family and colleagues because of his malicious actions such as taking the role of founder.  It’s upsetting to know that anyone could be influenced by money as well as fame and find themselves being unfaithful to their true intentions just like Dr. Mindy did by getting carried away, and taking most of the credit, and losing his loyalty to his marriage and to the Earth’s well being.

This film is also a representation of corruption demonstrated by the female president in the film, Janie Orlean, who is played by Meryl Streep. In my most honest opinion, I dislike the character she portrays. I dislike the fact that she has a very important role as leader of the United States and yet she’s careless and only gives importance to her personal affairs outside of the White House. For instance, in the movie while on her way to the spaceship, president Orlean forgets her son at the headquarters of NASA since she was rushing to leave Earth because her plan had failed. I also despise the fact that she’s influencing the beliefs of people in society, leading them to think that the comet is a hoax. 

In the film, society has broken up into two groups, the believers and the non-believers, which is a direct comparison to the real life situation we are currently facing with the Coronavirus. In this case however, people in the film discover that the comet is real due to the fact that it was able to be seen worldwide by the naked eye, compared to a virus which is only visible under a microscope. 

This movie is also a great example of showing the privileges millionaires have compared to the poor and working classes. For instance, in the film, the rich and powerful have created a plan to save Earth that would potentially result in them making millions of dollars in the process. Although their plan didn’t sound like a horrible idea, it failed and led the rich to their plan b, which was to get in a spaceship and head to a new planet, leaving most of the world’s population to explode along with Earth. 

Overall, in this film you get to experience the true reality of both political and societal views of real life situations. Although the movie may be triggering for some, I highly recommend watching this movie. You might discover your true thoughts on what you believe the future holds for planet Earth.