Have a scary, and bloody good time reading this book


The book cover of, “Carrie”

One of Stephen King’s most iconic movies is none other than, “Carrie”.

I believe this movie to be one of the better adapted movies. I feel most people can agree that when comparing the book to the movie adaptation, in any instance is disappointing, however personally I feel most of the characters are represented fairly similarly to their book counterparts.  The movie and book represent the horrors of bad parenting and the mysterious powers of the mind, showing the wonders and destruction that can be caused. 

In the story, the main character, Carrie, is abused and bullied by those around her, and lives a relatively sad life. From the get-go we understand that Carrie gets harassed by her peers from school in one of the most iconic scenes of both the novel and the movie, the scene where Carrie begins her period in the locker room. Knowing nothing about her body she begins to freak out thinking she is dying while the girls are throwing pads and tampons at her. She doesn’t understand what is happening because of her mother, a character I thought was written perfectly. After her husband abandons her with Carrie, she slowly starts to lose herself within her mind of religion. Carrie, already showing signs of telekinesis at a very young age, is convinced that she is the devil’s child and that her father was actually the devil. Carrie’s devoutly religious mother knew this and with this in her head she became very abusive towards Carrie. I actually really liked this because it showed how people can be corrupted and how it affects their children negatively. 

Everything leads to Carrie discovering the full potential of her powers with her mother, as well as the bullies from school, driving her further and further from sanity. All of this comes to a head when the worst prank is pulled on her during prom. 

This ultimately leads to her murdering essentially everyone in town. This scene was absolutely amazing. One of my favorite parts from the book that didn’t make it to the movie was when Carrie continues to slow down her mother’s heart until it eventually stops, this part sent chills down my spine.

 I would say this is a very excellent book and a very short read. I would 100% recommend this book to someone who is new to Stephen King or doesn’t like to read long books. Overall, “Carrie” is one of my favorites, it’s short but sweet, and the build up to her losing it all is great. The way in which she’s oppressed and has everyone trying to push her down only builds up the pressure until it explodes. 

I give this book a solid 9/10 and highly recommend it, I’ll see you in the next review.