“Young Frankenstein” gets a raunchy, fun, and musical update

Mel Brooks’ classic comedy came to life under the Lincoln Black Box Theater’s lights


The playbill for “Young Frankenstein”

On the night of Nov. 12, the performances of Mel Brooks’ “Young Frankenstein” came to a close here at Lincoln High School. Packed with spectacular dance routines and suggestive humor, the cast delivered one of their best productions yet. The show was marvelously shocking and had people laughing at and cheering for the characters. Everyone involved with the production including the cast, stage tech, band, and so many more, practiced and worked tirelessly to get everything ready and prepared for an audience. When the time rolled around to Nov. 3, opening night was a success, and so was every performance afterwards!  

The story of Young Frankenstein begins when respected medical lecturer Dr. Frederick Frankenstein learns he has inherited his grandfather’s estate in Transylvania. When he arrives, Dr. Frankenstein– with some encouragement and help from his servants Igor, Inga, and Frau Blücher– begins to recreate his grandfather’s experiments. After creating his very own monster, new complications arise with the arrival of his fiancée and a horde of angry villagers. 

The students acting for the show did an incredible job. They performed with such an intensity and devotion to their parts that the crowd was sucked in. The songs were filled and performed with comedy, making them highly entertaining, no matter the viewer’s age. Together Again, Roll in the Hay, He Vas My Boyfriend, and Deep Love, were songs that had people howling in laughter and they were easily some of the major highlights of the show. 

Senior Nate McCanna and junior Tyler Martinez were a delightful duo as Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant Igor, making hilarious comments and engaging in amusing interactions. Sophomore Rylee Phelps, senior Abigail Lawrence, and senior Samara Hernadez exhibited especially stunning vocals for their songs, ranging from yodeling to chanting to beautiful singing. Senior Jillian Analla did a wonderful job as Dr. Frankenstein’s grandfather, and freshman Gauge Meraz’s acting was sublime as well. As the monster himself, junior Charlie Osborne looked super impressive in such heavy clothing and high platform boots. Everyone brought something enjoyable to the stage, whether they were background characters or main characters, or both.   

“It was a fun time being together again for the first time this new year. It was a real surprise for sure. We all put in the best work we could as we have a deep love for theater,” said Martinez.  

The experience was unforgettable and phenomenal, so be sure to come out and support the drama department at their next production, Puffs, on Jan. 26! For more information and Lincoln Black Box Theatre Tickets, visit www.lhsonstage.com.