“Heartstopper” pleases audiences with positive representation


The amount of LGBTQ+ representation in the media has been seen more and more throughout the years. Recently, Netflix came out with a series based on the 2018 graphic novel by Alice Oseman, “Heartstopper”. The eight-episode show was released in April and has gotten great reviews ever since its release. It’s been described as a wholesome coming of age story that is different from others. 

The story follows the blossoming relationship between two secondary school boys, Charlie Spring and Nick Nelson, and their journey to figuring out if their friendship is more than what it is. It talks about the struggles of opening up to people as well as finding our own identity while surrounded by people who pressure us to be perfect. This series has brought so much light to the LGBTQ+ community and has brought reassurance and safety in the way it was written and executed. 

There are certain things people wished they had when they were younger, and this show was one of those things. It has received attention from the media and has been a conversation starter for many people. I’ve seen stories of older queer couples who’ve watched the show and have shared their stories of their own experiences through mediums like social media. One such instance was shared on Facebook when a man named Karl Smith shared his own story, “Watching Heartstopper, I cry for what we didn’t have back then, and I smile for what we have now.” As a society, the majority has grown to the point where having queer representation in the media is essential so that more people can feel accepted and heard.

Part of what makes the show so special is the people behind the scenes. The making of the series took a big crew in order to bring the comics to life. The director, Euros Lyn, wanted to make sure that the characters were cast perfectly in order to tell their stories in the correct and justifiable way. These characters were created with their own unique stories and they had to be casted with preciseness. The actors themselves have done an amazing job at becoming the characters and bringing them to life. Lyn also wanted to make sure that the crew outside the actors were part of the queer community. He wanted to get their perspective and share their journey through this series. He wanted to see people being represented and show that there is hope for those who have lost it. Having made an environment surrounded by queer people who care for one another is very important as well. In order to create a queer show, they had to make sure that everyone was comfortable and respectful on set.

Personally, this show has affected me in such positive ways. It truly feels like a reflection of certain things in my life while watching it. It’s that sense of relating to something so much to the point where I feel heard and represented. The constant battle of trying to convince yourself that you’re something you are not can be tiring. Overthinking and thinking that what you’re going through is something bad is one of those things that Nick Nelson goes through in the show. The show has created that sense of security that has managed to bring to not only me but to those who watch it. This show definitely deserves all of the success that it has been making and it deserves more.