Lincoln’s Spongebob Musical was not just a simple show

Lincoln’s Spongebob Musical was not just a simple show

Lincoln’s production of, “The SpongeBob Musical” was absolutely spectacular! After three months of rehearsals and preparation, the musical was finally shown off Thursday, March 24. With seven performances over the span of two weeks, they drew quite the crowd. 

Based on Steven Hillenburg’s TV Series, “SpongeBob SquarePants”, The SpongeBob Musical tells the story of SpongeBob trying to prove himself to the world. Trouble looms in Bikini Bottom- the undersea city where SpongeBob and his friends live- when a nearby volcano threatens to erupt and completely destroy the city. Desperate to prove that he is not, “just a simple sponge,” SpongeBob and his friends set off to save the day just when all hope seems to be lost. 

The show was absolutely incredible. It brought to stage everything fans loved about the TV show, and more.  Senior Vinny Cotini starred as the titular SpongeBob SquarePants, bringing to life the goofy character in an incredible way. The scientist squirrel Sandy Cheeks was played by senior Sophie Martinez, and Senior Caden Seevers perfectly embodied the role of Patrick Star, Spongebob’s partner and best friend.  Junior Abigail Lawrence showed off incredible vocals as Pearl Krabs, and not to be forgotten was Junior Nate McCanna, who played the iconic Squidward Q. Tentacles and made him an instant fan-favorite.  

Every actor had colorful costumes and neon wigs, making the play really feel like a cartoon come to life. This was the first show done completely maskless, and it made the songs sound even better than previous shows. 

All of the music in the show was live, done by a group of band and orchestra students from Lincoln, set behind the stage. Senior Robert Balingit, a student in the band, had his own booth where he made sound effects for the entire show, which was equal parts amazing and hilarious. This was just one of the many ways this production went above and beyond. 

With 67 individual props and dozens of intricate set pieces, the actors were not the only ones who had to really work to make this production all that it was. 

“It was stressful, but also a lot of fun. All the hard work definitely paid off,” says Assistant Stage Manager Mariso Carrano. 

Ultimately, all the hard work paid off and came together for an amazing production.  If you want to see more from the Theatre department, come see the One Act Festival this May 23 and 24th!