From the Archives: QUAKE

Photograph from the front page of The LA Times, 20 October, 1989

Photograph from the front page of The LA Times, 20 October, 1989

Last week, the archive team decided to use its equipment to capture one of the major historical events that happened in the Bay Area, just 25 years ago. One of the worst natural disasters in San Francisco history: The Loma Prieta Earthquake of 1989.

In the first second, there is rumbling. It seems to grow. In the second and third seconds, the earth begins to move. Buildings, streets, cars, people, all are losing control.

This is how the Los Angeles Times describes the Earthquake in their Edition of the 20th October 1989.  They continue: 

Even though the people in The Bay Area are used to some small tectonical activities throughout the year, the big one of 1989 was a surprise for all people affected.

The Earthquake just lasted 15 seconds, but the damage done to the cities were huge.

“The 10th second. The 11th second. Still the earth will not stop. Four more seconds and:

  • Two hundred people are feared dead.
  • Thousands are hurt-many critically.
  • $1 billion worth of damage is done.

 Fifteen seconds have gone by.

(Los Angeles Times, October 20th, 1989)

We, the Archives team and the whole staff of Lincoln Lion Tales invite you to read the original issue of the Los Angeles Times that was released just three days after the incident to see how the city looked like after everything was over.

The original from the LA Times

The Lincoln Lion Tales issue