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Lika Khoperia, Staff Reporter

Lika is a sophomore at Abraham Lincoln High School. She was born In Tbilisi, capital of Georgia (Country), located in Europe, south of Russia and in between the Black and Caspian seas. Later on when she became 11 years old she moved to Los Angeles, CA, then to Orange County, CA, and now here to San Jose. Lika was born in 2000, Nov. 11. She speaks three languages English, Georgian, Russian and is learning a fourth language, Spanish. Lika has previous experience in Journalism as a reporter and as an editor, plus she has earned a medal as the year's best student in her English Honors class, where she practiced MLA writing skills, and assessing different materials from different points of view. In addition she has been a major part of the clubs in which she participated, including: chess, advanced mathematics, robotics, speech and debate, and last but not least FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America) where she served as the Vice President. FBLA is a professional club, entirely managed by the student officers, who are responsible for collecting money, setting up meetings, field trips, and fundraisers, and encouraging and keeping the members on task. FBLA club challenges students by giving them options to participate in different levels of competitions, community work, business management courses and more. One of Lika's favorite things to do is, "to take the facts, analyze, and connect them, make a logical conclusion based on common knowledge, and facts and express my opinion to my audience". Some of her life goals include: graduate high school in three years or less, attend Harvard University or Yale University and graduate in two years, after which she plans to become a lawyer and create a company of her own, that will rank as one of the top five of law companies in US. Besides her experience and education, Lika enjoys to spend her time on the following things: such as playing sports such as, swimming, basketball, badminton, tennis, and volleyball. Other things she also loves doing are, baking, reading, listening to music, playing piano, traveling and her favorite, drawing. Lika is currently in Mock Trail and is taking honors classes.
She will be helping and editing your work, so feel free to talk to her at any time and ask for suggestions.
Lika Khoperia, Editor

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Lika Khoperia