Pay Day for Collegiate Athletes


Earlier this month, Governor Gavin Newsom signed the Fair Pay to Play Act. The act will allow college students in California to sign endorsement deals with sports companies. It will go into effect on January 1st, 2023. 

Student-athletes would be able to hire agents to find deals for them. This could potentially help out students with paying off their college dues. It would also benefit them to have some extra money to give to their family or have for future spending.

I spoke with some student-athletes from Lincoln to see what they thought about the act. Senior Richie Young said, “… it’s pretty cool that athletes will be able to seek [endorsement] deals from companies. Even though some student-athletes won’t be able to be pros, they can get money by playing in college.” I also spoke with senior Julian Juarez-Villegas, he said “ It would benefit me and my family. Although it wouldn’t affect me until my junior year of college, it’s cool that other student-athletes would be able to get paid.” 

As a student-athlete myself I would also find it beneficial if I was able to sign endorsement deals with companies that I enjoy using. Hopefully the Fair Pay to Play Act will positively affect future collegiate student-athletes.