Friday the 13th Found to be Lucky, Lincoln Receives 5,000,000,000 Dollars

It came as a surprise on Friday the 13th, when an anonymous donor gave Lincoln High school 5 billion dollars.

The donor himself wanted to remain unknown, and thus, was wearing a Hockey mask. The man himself had seemingly fallen down, and was covered in blood from his grazed knee. He would not allow us to assist him with his injury, stating that it was, “but a scratch”. From what he was carrying, he seemed to be a lumberjack, as an axe and chainsaw were present in what would seem to be his very grisly repertoire.

Despite all the warnings our parents gave us on taking from, or talking to, strangers, we accepted the money, and gave him an honorary statue. Unfortunately, our honored guest had to leave us, but he did say: “I’ll be back”. Lincoln students are now obligated to greet this friendly stranger with open arms and open minds.

This just goes to show, not all strangers are bad, and not all Friday the 13ths are unlucky.