CAASPPs to Spawn two new Spinoff Assessments, More Planned for Future


Like this student, kids often agonize over all the standardized tests they are required to take.

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The California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress association announced on Tuesday that there were two new planned assessments on the way. The first one, CAASW (California Assessment of Student School Work) is designed to assess the amount as well as the quantity of schoolwork that students do per regular school day, and is to take effect 4 months from now.

The first assessment is to be executed as follows: every day, an association approved monitor is to assess how well students do work in the classroom, by having us do 50 minute tests per class (about the length of a period), and new tests for each class being used every day. This will allow the association to assess whether or not our schoolwork is up to snuff. The director of this new project commented: “I think these new assessments will allow us to shape the classroom standards to create an environment where a student can only get the best California approved education.” He continued by stating, “If we don’t see any improvement within a week of testing, we’ll keep sending out new assessment tests, as obviously, we’ll need to continue assessing whether or not our students are able to pass the standards we arbitrarily named the standard of California education.”

The second assessment, CAAASA (California Assessment of After School Performance) is to create a standard of after school rest, relaxation, and family time, suitable to California, which will entail a personalized after school moderator, approved by the association, to accompany you for all after school related things. These two new Assessment Spinoffs (ASs), as the Organization called them, are a new way of giving California’s government information they already knew, again.