5 Rejected Spirit Week Ideas

These ideas were “spirited away” before they came to fruition.


In true student enthusiasm, we found a truly unspirited spirit week poster to kick off this list.

In honor of Lincoln’s first spirit week of the year, we decided to share some of the less popular spirit day ideas.

#1: Dress like your Teacher day. Though recommended by the staff, this spirit week idea was met, for unknown reasons, with considerable student backlash. Due to said backlash, the idea was ultimately scrapped.

#2 Dress Like Food day. Though initially popular among both faculty and students, dress like food day was abruptly shut down when students began trying to eat each other out of hunger. It is also speculated that one student in particular attempted to bake himself for authenticity, which caused his parents to attempt to sue the school.

#3 Dress Normally day. An attempt to mix things up, dress normally day would have had students express their personal spirit by dressing as they normally would. In an ironic twist, however, most students claimed that they were going to dress “out of the ordinary,” which, being the day was not “reverse psychology day,” defeated the purpose.

#4 San Jose High day. The person who suggested this day was promptly fired for indecency, foul language, and bad judgement.

#5 Reverse Psychology day. The initial goal of reverse psychology day was to convince students to dress with school spirit by discouraging dressing with school spirit. Unfortunately, some teachers took this task too seriously, resulting in students being sent home the day of for “inappropriate attire,” despite the fact that they were simply wearing school colors.