What Will Tom Brady Do Next Season?


After spending his entire pro football career with the New England Patriots, is Tom Brady ready to retire? This upcoming season, the 6 time Super Bowl champion will be a free agent in the NFL. This means Brady will have 3 options, wait for a new offer from a new team, resign a contract if the Patriots offer him one, or simply retire from the sport. If Brady does choose to sign with a new team, it will be the first team Brady plays for after 20 seasons with the New England Patriots. But, Brady will not be able to make any new arrangements with new teams until the free agency market opens which is March 16th. Any player in the can NFL become a free agent once their contract with their current team expires. This means any NFL team can offer a player a new contract to play for them. Many have have predicted Brady will play for a team in the West Coast since he is a Bay Area native, but no rumors have been confirmed. 

Tom Brady receiving Super Bowl trophy (Edgar Uribe/ Lion Tales)

 Although Tom Brady has been a controversial player throughout his career, he has managed to win 6 Super Bowls. After Super Bowl 49, Brady and the New England Patriots were accused of deflating the footballs to have an advantage against the Colts in the AFL Championship. This contributed to making Tom Brady one of the most controversial players in the NFL. Lately, Brady has been under the impression that he will enter the free agency after March 16th which is when the NFL’s legal tampering period opens, according to ESPN source Jeff Darlington. Until then, Brady can’t discuss any contracts or agreements with other teams. 

Tom Brady (Edgar Uribe/ Lion Tales)

Currently, Tom Brady is 42 years old; his age will play a critical factor when it comes to teams offering him a contract. Usually, quarterbacks tend to retire around their mid-30s but Brady isn’t the typical quarterback. Brady has shown his talent by winning several championships for the Patriots, but will his successful career change if he were to play for a new team? Many times a player can be successful in a certain environment, especially if the player has played in the same environment for 20 straight seasons; but the transition to a new team and environment can be a factor that affects the players performance when game day comes. We will have to wait and see what Brady decides to do on March 16th.