Season Recap – Girls Volleyball

The Lincoln High School Girls Volleyball Season has come to a close. After months of conditioning and hours of practice, the team put all their skills to use and played an amazing season. The team had a total of 43 girls, divided into three teams- Freshman, JV, and Varsity. The Varsity team lead the three with 18 wins, placing them fourth in their League division.

Multiple players share that they feel like they grew closer with their teammates, even though there were a lot of girls on the team. All three teams practiced together, so there was a lot of camaraderie shared between the girls.

“You learn to rely on each other, and you spend a lot of time with the girls,” said Sophomore Ayla Cakisic. “It’s hard not to get close to your teammates.”

There were some challenges trying to play a close contact indoor sport during Covid, but the team had various procedures in place to ensure safety of players and coaches. 

“They mask in practice, and wear masks in games,” says Assistant Coach Matthew Largo. As well as masking, the girls spread out during practices and hand sanitizer was readily available in the gym. 

One of Lincoln’s best moments from the season was their tournament on Oct. 9, where the Varsity team won five consecutive games. The team also had an eight game long win streak, where they beat Piedmont Hills – the second best school in their division.

The whole team agreed that this year, though unconventional and not all that they hoped, was really well played. 

“We did well this year with what we had, and hopefully next year we can do even better,” says Cakisic.