Season Recap – Girls Water Polo

Members of the Girls Water Polo team smiling for the camera.

The Lincoln’s Girls Water Polo season has come to a close.

With a lot of conditioning and training, all of the girls have given their best effort to the sport. Junior Varsity ended the season with three wins, and Varsity ended with four wins. Currently, the Girls Water Polo team is fifth overall in the standings. 

When asked about any challenges the team might have faced so far this season, Junior Emma Borrelli shared,  

“At the beginning of the season you have to learn about your teammates and adjust to your new team… and that’s why we’re getting strong, because we’re learning what everybody specializes in.” Said Borrelli.  

As a precaution against COVID-19 and other illnesses, the team has been training defensively so that if a teammate is missing or absent, someone can back up their spot.   

“I feel like we’re getting closer as a team… and doing a lot more team bonding. We’ve been keeping the team drama to a minimum,” said Junior Elise Spencer. 

Because of all their training and practice, some of the girls have described the team as a large family. They learned to trust and rely on each other, which helped them when they played. 

Among the successful moments of this season was a game on October 13th, where the Lincoln Varsity Water Polo Team won their away conference game against Santa Teresa (San Jose, CA) by a score of 9-5. Additionally, at their latest home game against Santa Teresa on October 20th, Varsity won with a score of 12-6.

When asked about his thoughts on the Girls Water Polo team’s performance this season, media arts teacher and current coach Mr. Resz said, 

“They have had a better season in the A-League than they ever have since I’ve been here. They have been narrowing the margins against the more elite teams in the league… I’m just proud of them. It’s been a lot of fun.”

The Lincoln Girls Water Polo team resting up for their next match.