Physics and AP Physics did a class swap this semester. Here at Lincoln we only have 2 physics teachers Mr. Bruington and Mr. Oliveras. For the second semester of the 2019-2020 school year there was a change. A swap in fact, the two physics teachers classes traded off students. The switch was based on the teachers not having materials for the other semester. Instead of the school helping out with materials they just make us switch classes. The teachers who teach the physics classes are Mr. Oliveras and Mr. Bruington. It is both of their first year of officially teaching for Lincoln, last year Mr. Bruington was a substitute teacher for physics. Some brief information on the teachers is Mr. Bruington was a former Navy member, and Mr. Oliveras came from Texas with teaching experience.  The two teachers did not expect this change just as the students didn’t. Many students complained about the switch due to the comfortability within their class. So far both classes have had about 2 projects which keeps the class fun. Overall it is almost the exact same the only difference once again is the teachers.