LHS Girls Tennis


The Tennis team is preparing for its third game of the year. “Our goal is to go undefeated in the C league,” says Lizbeth Hernandez, the Senior captain of the team. “ I also hope,” she said, “that the newer girls will learn something new from the experience and have fun.” Anastasia Elemen, a senior who is trying out tennis this year, says, “I’m looking forward to playing some good matches this year…and I hope to become better than I was when I first started.”

Tennis meets every day except on Friday, from 3:30-5:00 P.M. and 2:30-4:00 P.M. on block days. “Yeah, tennis is something I look forward to everyday,” Anastasia says, “It’s very fun; the girls are really nice to connect with, and I enjoy my time here.”

“I expect to have a positive effort and confidence when it comes to playing games, to not be intimidated by other players,” says Lizbeth’s co-captain Angelica Angeles Vasquez when asked what she expects from her team this year. These girls have been practicing together since the beginning of the semester and have become very close during that time. As teammates, “in the end we cheer each other up, we make sure that everyones feeling good, that no one feels down after matches,” Angelica said. 

The girls claim to have a strong bond with each other and support one another at most every turn. “People are really nice and we have a really good community,” said second year player, senior Linh Thai

Though some may say that tennis does not receive enough recognition, attention is not the player’s main focus. “At the end of the day, we are here to have fun and learn, not to have people say that we play tennis,” Lizbeth says. Everyone in Tennis gets along very well, and Lizbeth thinks that all the players will have a family-like bond by the end of the year.

As of right now, the girl’s tennis team has a record of 8-1. They won against Gunderson twice, Overfelt twice, San Jose, Del Mar, Mount Pleasant, and Live Oak High School. They lost against Yerba Buena.