Lincoln Wrestling Season Recap


Lincoln at Wrestling tournaments. Pictures taken by Thomas Mendoza.

The Lincoln High School wrestling team is getting ready to wrap up their season, saying farewell to the winter sport until next year comes around. When asked what his favorite part of wrestling is Sophomore Epoki Fakosi said “Getting better and watching others get better with you, like on the duel meets we win as a team, we lose as a team.”

Sophomore Epoki Fakosi at Lincoln wrestling practice

The Wrestlers practice every day after school for 2-2 ½ hours a night with practice starting at 4:30. This year the boys and girls team have been merged together allowing the boys and girls to practice together, when asked how he felt about this Sophomore Norberto Urbina said “we’re on the same level so if we don’t know any moves they could help us out and vice versa.” Both Urbina and Fakosi have been wrestling since their 6th grade year at Hoover. 

Sophomore Norberto Urbina at Lincoln wrestling practice

Jose Moreno began wrestling last year and decided to come back to the sport this year because “I feel like wrestling teaches you determination.” All three boys plan on coming back to the sport next year.

Senior and Captain Eleni Fakosi has also been wrestling since her 6th grade year at hoover and plans to continue the sport into her college years. Eleni’s goal for the team this year is “I want the girls to enjoy it so they’ll stay because everyone is really new and if they want the team to grow they need to enjoy it” said Fakosi.

“For the whole team I think I just want them to stick with it next year and the year after that, and try placing at CCS.”

Senior and Captain of Lincoln wrestling Eleni Fakosi